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Online Ideation Services

Our best-in-class innovation process, from anywhere at any time.

In-person ideation work, though ideal, is not always possible. Our suite of online ideation tools allows your team to experience Ideas To Go's facilitated process, and interact with Creative Consumers® associates, wherever you have internet access.

Creative Consumers® associate participating in online ideationEnjoy real, connected engagement with your most creative customers wherever you are, and drive toward unique and relevant solutions. Our expert Facilitators work closely with you to design a process that unlocks your creative potential and produces actionable results. And they’ll be there to facilitate the process online from start to finish—diverging to hundreds of possibilities with creative excursions, then converging to professionally-written concepts. All in a matter of days. Whether you're focusing on new products, concept optimization, positioning, promotions or more, our online innovation process is designed to get you results—fast.

Carbona Logo"Ideas To Go led our team through an ideation session to develop a pipeline of concepts for our laundry business. The facilitators leveraged video technology—and their own idea-capture software—to manage the session virtually, so our colleagues in Germany could participate. They kept the session engaging and fun, while staying on track to achieve our strategic objectives. We were impressed by Ideas To Go’s ability to manage so many moving parts, capitalize on the contributions of their Creative Consumers® associates, and deliver high quality output."

Chris Albers—Marketing Director, Carbona


e-deation® services

Interactive, integrated electronic ideation→

Our e-deation® services instantly integrate ideas from consumers with those from your team, and allow decision-makers to easily converge on the best, once ideation is complete. Anyone you choose can participate in your online ideation session— as well as the voting and concept writing process. Even if they can't be there in-person.

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Here's how it works:   


You and your team enter your own ideas on the e-deation® website as Ideas To Go Facilitators work with consumers to generate (and capture) ideas at the same time. Every single idea is visible to every single participant throughout ideation.

Once ideation is complete, this database-driven system converts the log of ideas to a click-vote format—allowing you to easily review and vote for your top ideas during the convergence process. You can even take notes on specific ideas for easy reference.

After converging on the top-vote ideas, Ideas To Go facilitators will walk you and your team through easily building concept outlines. You can then vote again on the ones you would like to move forward.

video conferencing

Ideate from anywhere→

Using a mutually agreed on videoconferencing platform (we'll work with you to find one that has the capabilities we require AND is also acceptable for your security needs), ITG Facilitators bring Creative Consumers® associates together with your team for ideation—from anywhere.

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Why choose remote ideation?   


Quick set-up and turn-around time. Creative process designs and consumer groups can be set up in as little as 7 days—for projects that run from $15K to upwards of $50K. And there's no travel costs or logistics to manage!

Freedom to fit the work to your team's schedule. Remote ideation designs can be broken up by days (or weeks) between project parts, including idea generation, voting + championing, concept outline development, consumer reaction groups and optimization. 

Ensures VOC across your process—even if your project is small, multi-phase, iterative, or requires additional work pre-and/or-post project. Tapping into our nationwide network of consumers means diverse perspectives throughout your innovation work, without anyone having to leave their own workspace.