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Real breakthroughs happen when you creatively explore your marketing opportunities before you create a single idea. Uncovering all the divergent paths around an opportunity allows you to capitalize on new ground, and see possibilities you wouldn’t have considered before.

To successfully introduce a revolutionary idea, the market must first be fully understood. Our opportunity exploration and identification techniques will help you discover these areas of opportunity, allowing you to focus more on the idea itself. 

“What distinguishes companies and brands as true innovators and leaders? One key factor: companies and brands that lead take the time, and invest the resources, to proactively search for emerging opportunities. They give their teams the permission, resources and skills needed to explore and hunt for opportunity. It is a key part of their product development process.”
- ITG Facilitator Emeritus John Pfeil

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Creativity in Opportunity Discovery

Is it necessary to be creative when trying to identify new opportunities? Of course. If you want the best possibilities, you need to work that creative muscle to find—especially during the front end of innovation. 

Opportunity Discovery: Distinguishing Leaders From Followers

Industry leaders take their time and invest resources into identifying areas of emerging opportunity. To stay on top, you must be proactive, not reactive, and there are many ways to go about the process. 

Win/Win or Win/Lose? Opportunity Discovery and Jumping to Solutions

Real life time pressures and a lack of creative problem-solving skills often lead people to jump to solutions. But there are clear benefits of taking your time to identify the right opportunities in the right markets. 

The Curse of Knowledge

It is important to know what you don't know. If you don't recognize these gaps in knowlege, you run the risk of assuming what your clients want without exploring your opportunities and creating a product that nobody wanted.

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