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Innovation Case Studies

Ideas To Go has partnered with innovative companies to make opportunities a reality for over 40 years. See how we've made creative thinking yield measurable success for our clients.

Quaker Sweet & Salty Chewy Bars
Recapture innovation mojo by focusing on what really matters.

: Optimize Chewy granola bar concepts and get the brand’s innovation plan back on track.

Result: A consumer-benefit driven concept that led to a new positioning that created in-market performance that exceeded the target.

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Mead Johnson Infant Formula 
Leverage emerging science to generate new opportunities for infant formula.

Objective: Develop ideas for a core infant formula that supports growth and brain development.

Result: Thousands of ideas to fill the pipeline for 5+ years, plus 4 business-building pathways.

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McNeil Consumer Healthcare
Transform the treatment experience so it doesn't add insult to injury.

Objective: Enhance the treatment experience for patients who suffer from a common ailment.

Result: Key Learning about experiencing and treating ailments, and 9 new delivery and usage solutions that make treatment more pleasant.

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Johnsonville Product Pipeline 
Refresh consumer knowledge and get the pipeline flowing quickly.

Objective: Rapidly fill the new product pipeline with lots of great new ideas for sausage.

Result: Gathered insights, ideated on 4 different major occasions—and quickly filled a 5-year knowledge gap.

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Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza
Create a top-selling pizza that pleases the whole family.

Objective: Help develop family pizza ideas that kids would request and parents would approve.

Result: One of the best-selling pizzas in Pizza Hut history.

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Hasbro Tonka Junior
Fast-track a positioning for a new toddler toy brand.

Objective: Create unique messaging for a new line of toys.

Result: A strong brand story that led to a successful launch and acclaimed TV spot celebrating boys’ unique development.

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UnitedHealth Group Training
Disrupt innovation to reimagine healthcare.

Provide innovation leadership throughout the year.

Result: The Guide to Thinking Innovatively training program that armed cross-functional team members with creative problem-solving tools to move the healthcare industry forward.

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Global Case Studies

We facilitate projects for clients all over the world. Here are a few examples.

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Lash Group
Develop ideas grounded in patient insights.

Develop new ways to make medications and therapies more affordable and accessible for patients.

Result: Key solutions to fill Lash Group's pipeline, and distinguish offerings from the current market.

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Starburst Chew The Clue
Develop a brand promotion that builds buzz.

Objective: Create excitement around the Starburst brand.

Result: A concept that led to the 2nd strongest promotion ever at M&M Mars, resulting in a 35% sales increase.

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Naming and Positioning CECP
Position CECP to live out "Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose."

Objective: Re-align the organization’s name and messaging with its mission.

Result: A refreshed name, tagline and messaging, capturing all that CECP stands for.

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Quaker Dinosaur Egg Oatmeal
Make hot cereal something kids ask for.

Objective: Expand Quaker's offerings in the hot cereal category, especially for kids ages 6-9 years old.

Result: A new oatmeal that doubled first year sales projections, and spawned additional line extensions.

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Bissell Symphony
Help a new floor cleaner get the attention it deserves.

Objective: Develop a creative and compelling name for a new cleaning product as well as names for several key features.

Result: A name that perfectly captures working in harmony.

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