Case Study

Naming the Bissell Symphony

bissell symphony

Help a new floor cleaner get the attention it deserves.

Objective: Develop a creative and compelling name for a new cleaning product—as well as names for several key features.

Result: A name that perfectly captures working in harmony.

Background: When Bissell needed a name to get their new vacuum and steam mop the attention it deserved, they came to Ideas To Go for an online session with a group of creativity-trained consumers: our Creative Consumers® associates. Because the product is unique in its ability to vacuum and steam at the same time, the challenge was to find a single-minded message that would:

  • Encompass “superior clean in just one step.”

  • Appeal to a broad range of consumers.

  • Fit within a newly re-defined brand.

  • Revitalize advertising within the steam category.

case studies bissel symphonyTo accomplish this goal, 14 Clients and 20 Creative Consumers® associates worked through creative exercises led by our expert Facilitators. The Creative Consumers® associates entered their name ideas for the vacuum/steam mop, and its features, as the Core Group client members followed along—adding their own ideas. Together, they came up with 5875 ideas. Core Group members then Championed their favorites, and voted on all the names to form a high-interest list.

From this extensive list of functional and creative names, the team culled the top 100 to take through the legal process and testing. This resulted in the winning name to take to launch. A standing ovation goes to Bissell's choice of Symphony—a name that perfectly captures working (and cleaning) in harmony. 

Bissell created the following video to demonstrate the extraordinary cleaning powers of the Symphony:


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