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At Ideas To Go, we understand that many of today’s business challenges are actually global challenges. Concepts that resonate with an American audience are often just a piece of the puzzle. Marketers also need solutions optimized to fit the needs of a larger, world-wide audience. That’s why we bring years of global know-how to our clients’ projects—with a team of trusted partners to provide a seamless Ideas To Go experience anywhere you need to be.

Here are a few project examples to provide a snapshot of our international experience and global ideation and concept development capabilities.

Multi-National Pharmaceutical Positioning

A top multi-national pharmaceutical company wanted to develop a new drug positioning that could be used across many countries and regulatory environments. To accomplish this, Ideas To Go facilitators designed a project with sessions in the US, UK, France, Brazil, China, Japan and Denmark. They also identified and trained creative patients and doctors specializing in 3 different branches of medicine, who participated in ideation sessions.

Using the insights, benefits, and reasons to believe generated during these sessions, facilitators led the client team in developing 9 positioning statements. These were then tested across markets in 10 focus groups and 16 In-Depth Interviews with a total of 81 physicians. Over the course of these sessions, 1 concept rose to the top of all markets for global use.

New Possibilities for Recycling in Europe

A leading global CPG company wanted to grow their business in Europe by developing new possibilities to manage waste and encourage recycling. After ethnography visits with professional cleaners in commercial locations, Ideas To Go Facilitators led clients in an ideation session with nine creativity-trained waste collection professionals. The team then identified high-interest ideas and platforms. Based on these results, the Ideas To Go concept writer worked overnight to write 14 new product and service concepts. The concepts were then qualitatively tested across several countries.

Creating New Infant Care Products for Developed and Emerging Global Markets

A worldwide infant product company wanted to develop compelling new product possibilities for babies from birth to 3 years. This included skin and hair care, as well as cleansing and bath items for both inside and outside the home.

To meet these goals, Ideas To Go facilitators designed a three-part project in US, European and South American markets. Creative consumers, local facilitators and translators were custom-recruited and trained in the ITG creative and ideation methodology, as well as the Forness® mindset, to prepare for ideation sessions. These sessions resulted in 15 concepts, with both global and local messaging, optimized for both developed and emerging markets.

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