Case Study

Steppenwolf Theatre Company

Steppenwolf Theater ExteriorDevelop fresh membership offerings to attract audiences to Steppenwolf's new campus.

Objective: To develop and assess new and existing membership offerings in order to attract new audiences, while retaining current members.

Result: The team from Steppenwolf converged on a winning membership concept, which they plan to roll out in conjunction with the opening of their new building.

Background: Steppenwolf, the cutting edge, multiple Tony Award-winning theater company, wanted to develop innovative new membership offerings—and test them with a variety of current and aspirational audience members. To this end, Steppenwolf engaged Ideas To Go to:

  1. Write and refine their membership concepts.
  2. Lead two separate series of multiple consumer groups to evaluate and optimize their concepts. Participants included a variety of current and lapsed members, as well as single and multi-ticket buyers.
These sessions resulted in:
  • A master debrief of the consumer group sessions, facilitated by Ideas To Go, with the heads of all relevant departments and Steppenwolf's Executive Director.

  • A winning membership concept, and a fresh perspective on how Steppenwolf continues to define its presence and voice—both locally and nationally.

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