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Combining the power of the Creative Consumers® associates, our learnings about the occasions, and the knowledge of our cross-functional team has lead us to innovate in ways we couldn't have even imagined. On every project, the Ideas To Go team has really gotten to know our business to help us maximize both our consumer learning and our team's productivity—in a fun and intuitive way.

Karen Kraft—Senior Consumer Insights Manager

Ideas To Go led our team through an ideation session to develop a pipeline of concepts for our laundry business. The facilitators leveraged video technology—and their own idea-capture software—to manage the session virtually, so our colleagues in Germany could participate. They kept the session engaging and fun, while staying on track to achieve our strategic objectives. We were impressed by Ideas To Go’s ability to manage so many moving parts, capitalize on the contributions of their Creative Consumers® associates, and deliver high quality output.

Chris Albers—Marketing Director


This was my second time at Ideas To Go. I love their enthusiasm, talent and results! The Ideas To Go team provided us with a highly personalized market research experience for our product ideation. With outside-in thinking, our ideas will develop into products that put patients first and lead to better healthcare outcomes.

Stephanie Rompot—Senior Director, Product Managment


Thank you for an invigorating and productive innovation experience. The outcome exceeded expectations. My internal team was so energized by the Creative Consumers® associates sessions that your methodology became the "talk of the town" here at R&D. The organization, speed and plethora of ideas that your method yields is amazing. Even more amazing is that the team generated 780 ideas in one day, and within just one more day converged to 10 very suitable product ideas. Very impressive on the part of your methods and facilitation efforts. It was a great experience for everyone, all the way around, and we look forward to doing more projects with you again in the future.

Janet Leonardis—Consumer Research R&D


The Heineken team was blown away by the Ideas To Go Process—the combination of best-in-class facilitation, co-creation abilities of the Creative Consumers® associates & refreshingly exciting process allowed us to get to great concepts in a fraction of the "normal" time. We’re looking forward to working with Ideas To Go in the future!

Jenna Behrer—Head of Innovation


We partnered with Ideas To Go and their Creative Consumers® associates to help us identify motivating needs and desires…our concept testing success rate (for Quaker Big Chewy Sweet & Salty Granola Bars) went from zero to 38%. One thing I like to tell my team is Ideas To Go, and I truly believe this, will make a concept as good as it can be.

Doug Healy—Senior Director, Consumer Insights


The Ideas To Go team was instrumental in helping our company quickly, efficiently—and cost-effectively—vet a wide range of internally-generated concepts and ideas with their consumer network. ITG then worked with us to incorporate that consumer input and refine our concepts—readying them for a quantitative concept screen test. The concepts tested quite well, and we are preparing two of them for market launches.

David Burrows—VP + Chief Marketing Officer


I think the biggest thing to me is the positivity and optimism that it brought. In typical research groups you don’t get the level of actionable results, and the recommendations that we landed on are things that we wouldn’t have necessarily landed on in a regular format. The process took our spots and elevated the executions—and improved our overall articulation of the platforms. By taking a look at it through a “what if” vs. “yes but,” it really helped us gain a better understanding of how we do things in the future. Plus, the positivity can’t be overlooked!! Great experience and hope we get to do it again.

Matt Doscher—Account Director


Both the process and the results of the ITG ideation and testing was extremely helpful, insightful and productive. We started from a bare bones concept and developed literally hundreds of insightful statements, beliefs, and supporting ideas to develop distinctive, richly realized concepts. Our facilitators gave us enough process and structure to build the ideas together, but their experience clearly shone through as they were able to be flexible and shift based on how the process played out. Their continued involvement as we took these concepts into qualitative target customer research helped build stronger and more fully fleshed out ideas. They were a team of pros that covered all the bases, from the technology, to the notes and data capture, to the moderation and creative ideation.

Fran Diamond—VP Strategy


Ideas To Go has been a great innovation partner for us throughout all of my years working with them. Recently we worked with them to optimize a concept that had previously come back either RISKY or HIGH RISK with consumers. By working with their Creative Consumers® associates and listening to their out of the box thinking, I can now say that we have a great tasting product with a READY concept that has been performing above expectations in market!

Sr. Brand Manager


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Case Study

Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites Pizza

To aid their efforts to bring fresh, new ideas to the category, Ideas To Go organized a round of ideation and qualitative evaluation for pizza ideas that would be desirable to kids, and approved by moms. 

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Pizza Hut Cheesy Bites
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