Stretch Questions

There are no right answers with these questions! Think through them to stretch your mind and exercise your brain.

  • Draw the color blue.
  • List things that are subtle.
  • Head, egg, case, diamond, code. Which word doesn't belong?
  • Which moves faster—yellow or black?
  • Name big things that are small.
  • Which weighs more, a period or a question mark? ⚖️
  • Name things that glow.
  • How are looking 👀 and exploring 🕵️ different?
  • Name things that could function inside out.
  • If you had only 10 words to use, what would they be? 🗨️

World Building

In this excursion, we go to a completely different world/context to look for inspiration and examples outside the topic we are focusing on. Look for features, attributes and perspectives from the new world to use as stimulus.

Worlds Excursion

Forcing Connections

Everything in the world can be viewed as offering a possible solution for a challenge at hand. Use the grid below to stimulate your creative thinking! To generate a new possibility, select an item or two from the grid, and consider its attributes, characteristics, associations, etc. Force connections back to your challenge, until new solutions emerge. Or, use the bubble to add builds and twists to ideas you've already generated.

Forcing Connections



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