Where We Work

Inspiring Creativity Everywhere. Our approach to innovation process design focuses on customizing inspiration for our clients. One way we do this is sourcing locations and environments that add a unique creative advantage. With our Creative Consumers® associates and employees all over the country, as well as a wide array of online tools, we can help navigate your team through the waters of innovation—anywhere it leads.
Environment Matters

We've seen the results first-hand of carefully curating an inspirational environment: both in-person and online. We both scout locations—and prepare activities for innovation workshops—that relate to, and enhance the product or topic at hand.

The opportunity to build creative experiences in unique venues anywhere in the country is always exciting for our project teams. We started this trend before the 2020 pandemic with projects in a brewery in Austin, Texas, a gourmet-kitchen-centric mansion in New Orleans, and a historic loft with incredible views in Washington, D.C., to name just a few.

"We can't wait to see where we can take our clients next—both physically and innovatively."

Greg Cobb—Principal, Creative Process Designer + Facilitator

Customers Matter

Making out clients' innovation experience relevant, exciting and productive is our primary objective. Our geographical flexibility allows us to leverage our nationwide network of Creative Consumers® associates, iCoN® consumers, and trained panelists + experts to do exactly that.



The Right Balance

Our creative approach to defining "work place" not only provides our clients and employees with better work-life balance, it also heightens the innovation experience.

We see freedom in venue choice as an amazing opportunity for environmental inspiration.

Creative Consumers associates stretch their thinking at a brewery
Online, Anytime

Early technology adopters from the get-go, we launched video ideation (almost 10 years ago!) to help client teams interact with our Creative Consumers® associates remotely.

We're continuously improving Ideas To Go's online platforms—including e-deation® services for idea collection, organization and concept development, and Inspire® Consumer Insight Accelerator for opportunity exploration and identification.

Creative Consumers associates work online from their kitchens


Where do you need to go?

We facilitate innovation anywhere you want to be. Let's get going.

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