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Forness® Thinking

Stop wasting time. Find out what's good about any/every idea. Learn about our creative thinking mindset that helps you move ideas forward faster.

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Creative Consumers® Associates

Find out how our highly-trained consumers provide rich insights and smart solutions in every ideation session.

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Partner with Ideas To Go

Looking for an innovation company that can: teach consumers to create, write concepts that win, and facilitate projects to success? You’re in the right place.

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Ideas To Go

Ideas To Go partners with innovative companies to create concepts, solutions and opportunities with the creative voice of their customers.

We are powered by possibilities. And when it comes to working with us, the possibilities are endless.


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On Innovation, Creativity, and Change width=

On Innovation, Creativity, and Change

John Pfeil

Rapid Change is not going away. How equipped are you and your team to handle it? Facilitator John Pfeil shares some thoughts on the increasing importance of innovation and creative problem solving amidst an ever-changing culture.  MORE »

The Big Deal About Big Data—An Insightful Interview with a Big Data Pioneer

Companies are currently collecting a veritable treasure trove of data—but how do you draw insights from it? Ideas To Go Facilitator and Chairman Ed Harrington interviews one of Big Data's major pioneers, K.Sudhir, the James L. Frank Professor of Marketing, Private Enterprise and Management—and the Director of the Yale China Insights Program at Yale School of Management—about how important insights can be discovered from Big Data, how it’s evolving, and what’s coming next on its technology-driven frontiers.

  MORE »