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Forness® Thinking

Stop wasting time. Find out what's good about any/every idea. Learn about our creative thinking mindset that helps you move ideas forward faster.

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Creative Consumers® Associates

Creative Consumers® Associates

Find out how our highly-trained consumers provide rich insights and smart solutions in every ideation session.

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Partner with Ideas To Go

Partner with Ideas To Go

Looking for an innovation company that can: teach consumers to create, write concepts that win, and facilitate projects to success? You’re in the right place.

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Case Study

Case Study

Learn how Dole partnered with Ideas To Go to develop a new product that consumers love.

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Ideas To Go

Ideas To Go partners with innovative companies to create concepts, solutions and opportunities with the creative voice of their customers.

We are powered by possibilities. And when it comes to working with us, the possibilities are endless.


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5 Steps for Success In Consumer Immersion width=

5 Steps for Success In Consumer Immersion

Beth Storz

High energy. Complicated. Totally new territory. Consumer immersion sessions can encompass all of thesebut what's the real recipe for success? Facilitator Beth Storz shares five elements you need to walk away with the insights you're looking for. MORE »

The Gravity of Consumer Immersion

What is Consumer Immersion? It's taking the time to connect to an individual consumer. Listening to their stories. Understanding their experience by participating in it. If the goal is innovation, Consumer Immersion draws inspiration from actual situations, emotions and memories. If the goal is communications, Consumer Immersion provides empathy for the consumers' experiences based on actual events in their lives. The biggest key to this process? Spending time with a single consumer, and digging into their experience. Here are a few tips to ensure it’s a success. MORE »