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When you partner with Ideas To Go, we will push you to stretch your thinking. You are one-half of the co-creation equation. No one knows your business like you do. And no one knows consumers, the Creative Problem-Solving Process or concept development like Ideas To Go.

Generate Hundreds of Ideas

Ideating with Creative Consumers® associates is equal parts assumption busting, insight mining, ethnography, and team building. It's results-driven co-creation.

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Build Better Concepts

A well-developed concept is both an art and a science. The science comes from having the right elements in the right formula. The art comes from language—and the know-how to bring it to life. Our process is designed to get you there.

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How We Innovate

Unlocking Creative Potential

Not all innovation consultancies are the same. We'll help you unlock your creative potential so you think about opportunities in new ways, and cultivate an innovation mindset with every challenge.

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Expert Facilitation

Innovation isn't easy. Our expert Facilitators provide an objective voice in your process so you can move your project forward efficiently, while setting the stage for fresh thinking. We pair our problem-solving know-how with your business needs. The results are extraordinary.

Behavioral Innovation™ Approach

Human-based innovation is flawed. That’s why we employ Behavioral Innovation™ methodologies, designed to make us aware of the cognitive biases that impede innovation efforts—and provide the tools that keep innovation from stalling.

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Creative Consumers® Associates

The creative voice of the customer is at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we have a co-creation dream team ready for any business challenge. Our Creative Consumers® associates are just like your target customers, but highly trained in creative problem-solving—providing rich insights and smart solutions. You’ll never think of consumer work the same way again.

Forness® Thinking

In innovation, negative responses lead to dead ends. Progress stalls, ideas get safer instead of more innovative, and team members quit participating altogether. At Ideas To Go, we employ a method called the Forness® response to counteract this environment and create a world of yes. Once you learn Forness® thinking, you won't forget it. 

online innovation + ideation


Innovation Solutions. Anywhere. 

Our online innovation process will take you from project greenlight to hundreds of ideas and prioritized concept outlines within 7 days. Whether you're focused on new products, concept optimization, positioning, promotions or more, you'll work directly with our Creative Consumers® associates and Expert Facilitators to generate new possibilities—fast.

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Online research during the COVID-19 crisis has played a crucial role in ensuring we continue to move our business forward. The Ideas To Go team did an incredible job facilitating their proprietary techniques in a seamless way, using digital channels.

— Executive Director Insights, Leading Healthcare Company

Creative Consumers associate generating new innovation possibilities online

From opportunity discovery to concept optimization, find out what Ideas To Go's consumer-driven services can do for you.


“Just trust your gut” is great advice when your instinct tells you to run from a lion in the jungle. But when it comes to thinking innovatively about your business, those same instincts can be your own worst enemy. It’s time to let go and learn a new way to think.

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