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Innovative project designs that get you great ideas, concepts and solutions.

Ideas To Go's services go beyond just finding innovative solutions—they help unlock your team's creative potential. Using the Behavioral Innovation™ approach, you’ll co-create with bright and articulate Creative Consumers® associates, and generate untapped possibilities for your business challenges. But it’s not just a process, it’s an experience—and our Facilitators will guide you every step of the way.



Get Great Ideas

Bring the key decision makers from your team together for a creative journey. Ideating with Creative Consumers®  associates is equal parts assumption busting, insight mining, ethnography and team building. Our co-creation sessions will help you unlock creative potential and generate the best ideas.

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Build Better Concepts

A well-developed concept is both an art and a science. The science comes from having the right elements in the right formula. The art comes from language—and the know-how to bring it to life. And our concept development process is designed to get you there.

Get Winning Concepts

Communications Development

Solid communication about your product or service works like a starting block—it propels you in the right direction. Whether it’s leveraging key points of difference, connecting your language with a compelling consumer insight, or finding that one message that fits like a glove.

Explore Positioning, Claims, Ad Optimization + Naming

Opportunity Exploration + Identification

Real breakthroughs happen when you creatively explore your opportunities before you create a single idea. Uncovering all the divergent paths around an opportunity allows you to capitalize on new ground and see possibilities you wouldn’t have considered before.

Find out about Insight Mining, Product Platforms + Strategic Discovery

Global Innovation

Many of today’s business challenges are actually global challenges. Concepts that resonate with an American audience are often just one piece of the puzzle. Marketers also need solutions optimized to fit the needs of a larger, world-wide audience. That’s why we bring years of global know-how to our clients’ projects—with the help of trusted partners—to provide a seamless Ideas To Go experience anywhere you need to be.

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Marketing Promotions

Although promotions might seem like a no-brainer (make them an offer they can’t refuse), they can fall flat if they’re not grounded in what a consumer wants, thinks or needs. By connecting your marketing promotions to customer insights, you’ll make your efforts and your investment go farther than ever before.

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Innovation Training

From writing better concepts, to breaking down barriers to your internal innovation efforts, our training workshops give you the knowledge you need to succeed. We train corporate teams in creativity and innovation tools, techniques and theories that go from half-day overview trainings to full three-day corporate culture events. We tailor our curriculum based on your team's size, experience in the topic, and schedule.

Learn about Concept Writing Training, Creativity + Problem Solving Training, and our Cognitive Bias Workshop

Consumer Immersion

Data is data—but stories are powerful. When you want to dive deep into motivations and insights, you really need to put faces to your research. Immerse yourself with Creative Consumers® associates and see what a day in the life of your consumer is like.

Find out about Shopper Insights, Ethnography, On-Demand Mobile Engagement + Consumer Panels

Inspire® Consumer Insight Accelerator

Go inside the hearts and minds of consumers so you can see the people behind the data. Using our nationwide network of highly-engaged creative panelists, we provide rich, thought-provoking stimulus to make it easy for you to explore and identify fresh opportunities.

Discover more about Inspire® Consumer Insight Accelerator

Claimstorming® Services

Build better claims with consumer-driven thinking on your new products, technologies and positioning. Your expertise, combined with the voice of your consumer, creates the foundation for claims that differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Get consumer-driven claims that resonate

Creative Ethnography® Services

Interact with purpose when we unify your team and your consumer—because connection always exceeds observation. We'll help you uncover deeper, richer insights that explore the emotions and motivations behind consumer behavior. 

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Case Study

UnitedHealth Group Innovation Training

To help UnitedHealth Group's goal to provide ongoing innovation leadership for their employees, Ideas To Go produced a 12-month series of training events for almost a thousand people.

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